4 Things to Do in Gig Harbor

Sunset at the harbor on Gig Harbor, Washington.Gig Harbor is one of Washington’s premier coastal cities, and there’s something here for everyone. Whether you want to take a boat tour, shop until your feet hurt, or just relax and watch the water, Gig Harbor has something for you. Here are four of the best things to do in Gig Harbor.

Dine Your Heart Out

Gig Harbor is one of the top dining destinations in Washington, with many eateries and chefs recently featured in the Northwest Palate Magazine, the Seattle Times, and Sunset Magazine. Thanks to its rich cultural heritage, the city offers a spectrum of tastes from around the world. Whether you’re feeling like Thai curry, hamburgers, or something lighter, you’ll find the place for you in Gig Harbor. Finish off the night at one of Gig Harbor’s many wine bars with their tasty, light offerings of small plates.

Before you leave town, don’t forget to check out Tides Tavern, a Gig Harbor landmark and a delicious eatery with a great view.

Watch, Laugh, and Listen

There’s always something exciting going on in Gig Harbor, no matter the time of year. Concerts featuring all music genres shake parks and music halls, outdoor movies entertain hundreds under the stars, and live theater performances make you feel like you’re on Broadway. The summer offers plenty to do outdoors, from the Summer Sounds at Skansie Concert Series to the Cinema Gig. If you’re looking for entertainment in a more intimate setting, check out some of the restaurants that feature live performances, such as MarKee or Morso.

When fall comes around, keep an eye out for the Annual Gig Harbor Film Festival, in which filmmakers from far, wide, and nearby show their work. You won’t want to miss it!

Have Fun on the Waterfront

Of course, one of Gig Harbor’s most significant features is its proximity to the water. The waterfront offers plenty to do. Visit the Gig Harbor Lighthouse by boat and see what has guided boats into the harbor since 1989. The lighthouse was made possible through local donations of funds and construction materials. Along the waterfront, visit the beautiful Skansie Brothers Park, 7 Seas Brewing, Tides Tavern, and more. Feel like getting out on the water? Rent a boat from the BoatShop Livery and explore the harbor. Would you rather get a little romantic? Take a ride on the Gig Harbor Gondola for a peaceful, scenic cruise.

Shop Hop

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to go shopping, look no further. Gig Harbor offers a range of shopping destinations, from small boutiques to large stores and everything in between. Look for home decor, apparel, jewelry, antiques, or maybe a gift for your special someone. Just head to the waterfront and into downtown Gig Harbor to find your new favorite store. Don’t miss the chance to shop at the premier shopping center, Uptown, on Point Fosdick Drive.

Gig Harbor has something to offer the shopper, the boating enthusiast, the foodie, and anyone else looking for a memorable experience on the Washington coast. Come see for yourself!


Gig Harbor, Washington” via Flickr by TomCollins. Used with permission via CC BY-ND 2.0 / cropped from original